August 1, 2019 by Brett Trembly Miami, Florida (August, 2019) — Trembly Law Firm recently hired two new outstanding members to its litigation team, Veronica Rabinowitz, Esq. and Kevin D. Pardiñas, Esq. Veronica Rabinowitz joins the firm after six (6) years at Marko & Magolnick, where she handled state and federal complex litigation and appeals before Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal. Veronica was admitted Read More

Florida Business Law: Wrongful Dissociation Explained

Individuals who join forces as a limited liability company are held to specific standards as outlined in Florida statutes and each company’s operating agreements. Wrongful dissociation is an issue that can lead to financial damages to other members of an LLC. Chapter 605 of Florida Statutes lays out the Revised Limited Liability Company Act, also known as the “New Act,” which covers wrongful dissociation and other Read More

Business Law 101: How to Decide if It’s Worth It to File a Lawsuit

As a business owner, there’s no shortage of tough decisions coming your way. One of the most challenging choices for business owners is deciding when it’s time to pursue legal action against someone harming your company. Whether you’re interested in suing someone for defaming your company, infringing on your intellectual property, or failing to follow through on a contract, there are several things to consider when Read More

Sole Proprietors: 6 Things You Need to Do Before Hiring Your First Employee

As a sole proprietor, you’ve put in countless hours to get your business off the ground and start bringing in money. You’ve undoubtedly pulled at least a few 15-hour days to meet deadlines and keep clients happy. The decision to hire an employee marks the next stage of your journey as a business owner. Before you take that step, however, make sure you’ve adequately prepared and protected yourself from potential Read More

Trademark Law: Understanding Abandonment

Your trademarks define and protect your business. When you have trademarked your business name, slogan, logo, or other intellectual property, it’s up to you to protect your trademark and avoid losing them to other companies. Abandonment is a legal concept that can invalidate a trademark and leave it available for use by other parties. What is Abandonment? Abandonment is the loss of trademark rights. There are Read More

Understanding Florida’s Trade Secret Laws

As a successful business owner, one of your goals is to set yourself apart from your competition. However, if your trade secrets have been leaked to competitors or the general public, you could see a significant decrease in business. Understanding Florida’s trade laws puts you in a position to protect your company’s secrets and your livelihood. What is a Trade Secret? The term “trade secret” is clearly defined Read More

4 Forms You Need to Legally Establish a Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are a driving force of change, giving you the chance to change the world you live in and help causes that are important to you. If you want to set up a nonprofit organization in Florida, you must follow a specific process and file the proper forms to protect yourself from litigation. Articles of Incorporation When you decide to start a nonprofit organization, you must draft and file your Read More

Your Business Website Needs a Privacy Policy – Here’s Why

Many businesses attract clients primarily or exclusively via the Internet. It’s important for any website to maintain an easy-to-find and comprehensive privacy policy, but it is particularly crucial for business websites. Even though the majority of your site’s visitors may never look at it, having one in place can provide you and your visitors with legal protection in case something goes wrong. How Privacy Read More

Stay Out of Court! 5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Your Business from Being Sued

Nothing can stifle an up-and-coming company’s growth like expensive and time-consuming lawsuits. Taking common sense steps to avoid lawsuits is often more effective than handling legal issues as they arise. We have outlined five ways to do that. 1. Have Sufficient Insurance Liability insurance is essential for your business. The type of coverage you need depends largely on which industry you’re in. Liability Read More

5 Tips for Creating a Solid Business Budget

Taking a long, hard look at your business finances isn’t always fun, but it’s one of the most important things you can do for the success of your company. Creating, using, and maintaining a strong budget is key in helping your business navigate lean times and make the most of windfalls. 1. Don’t Be Too Optimistic As you begin laying the groundwork for your budget, it’s easy to get caught up in overly ambitious Read More

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